Memorials & Headstones

Honouring the memory of  your loved ones

To honour the memory of those we love, it is tradition to erect a lasting form of memorial to serve as a symbol of remembrance. Selsdon & District Funeral Service have an extensive range of memorials for cemeteries, churchyards and cremation plots in Croydon and the surrounding areas.

At Selsdon & District, we also offer bespoke designs for your memorials. We take extra care in helping you choose the right design and material for you combining the skills of our traditional stonemasons and the latest technology to create a memorial to your exact requirements. We also provide a service for additional inscriptions, cleaning and renovations to existing headstones and memorials.

A full brochure and price list are available on request.


Polished Black Memorial

L66/GHS6 – Polished Black Granite

The “harp & shamrock” design can be replaced with another design for an individual design. 
Red Ruby Memorial

L67/GHS 412: Polished Red Ruby Granite

The curved shoulders and gilded keyline make this a simple yet attractive design
Polished Dark Grey Memorial

L68/GHS37 – Polished Dark Grey Granite

A subtle but dignified monument has finely detailed Polish eagle, finished with fold lead.

Galaxy Black Headstone

L69/GHS35 – Polished Galaxy Black Granite

This stunning material cannot be captured in just an image, but contact us to see a sample of this galaxy black memorial.
Karin Grey Headstone

L70/GHS79 – Polished Karin Grey Granite

A classic memorial with beautifully carved roses and a simple cross.

Kerb Memorials

Dark Grey Kerb Memorial

L90/GF 124 – Polished Dark Grey Granite

This design blends splayed keylines and roses for an attractive design.

White Marble Kerb Memorial

L92/GF 173 – White Marble

A simple memorial with an ogee top that can be customised to your needs.

Blue Pearl Granite Kerb Memorial

L91/GF 130 – Polished Blue Pearl Granite

A special memorial with triple hearts as a statement of love towards the departed.
Polished Blue Kerb Memorial

L93/GF 129 – Polished Blue Pearl Granite

This headstone has a subtle look and shape making an attractive memorial. It has a brick granite sub kerbing, fixed between the memorial and the foundation to add 6″ to the height. This sub kerbing can be added to any design.

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