Brightwater Memorial Park

About Brightwater Memorial Park

Brightwater provides a pioneering alternative to traditional below-ground burials in the UK. As the nation’s inaugural mausoleum memorial park, this option delivers a genuinely unique and unparalleled service. Whether you’re arriving from a distant location or travelling locally, Brightwater will provide transportation to and from the station ensuring a comprehensive first class experience.

Brightwater Memorial Park consists of two mausoleum buildings containing 690 chambers with gardens of remembrance to the rear, set in four acres of landscaped grounds surrounded by a further ten acres of mature woodland.

Visitors paying their respects to those interred at Brightwater are treated as honoured guests, whether they come for an hour of peaceful reflection in the mausoleum or a gathering of friends and family in the gardens.

£14,800 for the package

What is included:

  • 24/7 telephone access with our staff
  • Our professional services
  • Arranging all aspects of the funeral service
  • Transportation to collect your loved one from a hospital or public mortuary
  • Mortuary accommodation with care and preparation of your loved one
  • Viewing of your loved one in one of our chapels
  • A choice of zinc lined veneer coffin (Newcastle, Longsdale, Hastings)
  • One of our beautifully presented Mercedes hearses
  • One matching limousine
  • Conductor and bearers (up to 6 bearers)
  • A choice of traditional or coloured ties.
  • A seated service for up to 50 people at Brightwater memorial park
  • Above ground burial chamber
  • Aftercare with a bereavement foundation
  • Brightwater aftercare which includes transportation to and from Brightwater in a Mercedes s class, exclusive use of the premises (booking required) to spend time with your loved one.

Additional services include:

  • Embalming (required)
  • Doctors fees
  • Minster fees
  • Coffin upgrades
  • Out of hours removal fees