First Steps After a Death

Selsdon & District funeral directors are here to help you through the first steps towards funeral plans following the passing of a loved one.

It’s a tough and stressful time and we’re here to guide you through the necessary arrangements and make things run as smoothly as possible.

If needed, please contact our 24-hour emergency service to get immediate advice towards your specific situation.

24-hour emergency service: 020 8657 0030

First Steps

The first step you must take is to contact a doctor who can confirm the cause of death. They can then provide a Medical certificate of Cause of Death.  You will need to present this to the Registrar at your appointment.

See our advice below on what to do in various common locations:

At home

If a person dies at home, contact their GP who will then be able to visit the house and provide a Cause of Death certificate.

In assisted living

The staff responsible for the person’s care will arrange a doctor to visit and certify the cause of death.

In hospital

A doctor there will be able to issue a Medical Certificate of Cause Of Death and an administrator there will advise on where to collect the papers. The Patients’ Affairs/Bereavement Office will then issue papers and helpful documents to aid the process and funeral arrangements.

In all cases, once the doctor has certified the cause of death, we suggest contacting us at Selsdon & District for advice on the next steps.

Get in touch

Our team are on-hand to provide advice and support you may need at any point in the process.